About Me

I’m Jakob Gricar, and I’m here to guide you back to your heart, your essence and a purpose-filled life.

Welcome To My Space

As a spiritual entrepreneur, transformation catalyst, and deep space creator

I bring a toolbox of everything I’ve learn through over ten years of spiritual practice and deep exploration of countless fields of knowledge – from transpersonal psychology, psychedelic integration, shadow work, breathwork facilitation, CBT coaching, tapping, nervous system regulation tools, Vedic philosophy, working with plant medicine and more. I learned from some of the biggest names in self development industry as their mentee and a facilitator at their high-ticket inner circle events.
My mission is to empower you to step into your true potential and become the architect of your destiny.

Vision & Mission

In this sacred space of personal growth and empowerment,

I offer a raw and embodied approach, blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge practices. Together, we’ll explore the depths of your being, unravel limiting beliefs, and embrace your authentic self with warmth and compassion.

Life is a hologram, and we are playing the ultimate game of self-discovery. My philosophy revolves around the belief that embracing deep self-inquiry and honoring our emotions is the key to unlocking profound transformation. Through powerful integration techniques, we’ll connect every aspect of your being into a tapestry of self-empowerment.

Our purpose is deep remembrance, and I am here to guide you in remembering your truest essence. Embrace the shadows, embrace the light, and step into a life fully lived—free from numbing and with boundless possibilities.

Now is the time to awaken your soul and step into the radiant, empowered being you are meant to be. Explore the offerings and immerse yourself in a world of personal growth and limitless potential.


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Are you ready to embark on this profound journey together?

Let’s create the life you’ve always envisioned and embrace the transformation that awaits you.

Join me now, and let’s embrace the magic of self-discovery and empowerment.