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I’m Jakob Gricar, and I’m here to guide you back to your heart, your essence and a purpose-filled life.

METAMORPHOSIS 12 Week Online Program
Metamorphosis is a transformational journey that equips high-performing individuals with the tools, support, and environment to shift from a life of endless pursuit rooted in struggle, overwhelm and distraction to one of profound peace, joy, and purpose—right now. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of personal struggle and triumph, Metamorphosis transcends traditional self-improvement by offering a communal, holistic approach to mastering every facet of your life. From optimizing health and relationships to mastering mindset and nervous system regulation, we guide you through a meticulously crafted process of cleansing, harmonizing, aligning, and unifying all areas of your life. Our high-touch, daily engagement model ensures constant conversation, deep connection, and unwavering support, fostering a space where you're not just undergoing change but actively creating and contributing to a better world. With Metamorphosis, peace isn't a distant goal; it's your starting point.
Darma Academy Online Community
Invite-only online community for those who have a burning desire to get to the ROOT OF THEIR SUFFERING, CHANGE OLD HABITS, MAKE REAL LASTING CHANGE, and take INSPIRED & VIRTUOUS ACTION in the world, in the way that is truly ALIGNED WITH THEIR DEEPEST AUTHENTICITY. You’ll be guided into: Deeply seeing and integrating SHADOWS, PATTERNS, UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS & LIMITING BELIEFS. PRACTICES to change the patterns that keep you stuck and suffering. Aligned ACTION to EMBODY your highest purpose. Discovering who you are. Living as your TRUE SELF, in your AUTHENTICITY, beyond all conditioning. Our commitment is to facilitate: A DEEP approach: Getting to the ROOT of the issue, allowing for true lasting transformation. A FUTURE-ORIENTED approach: Helping you discover how to best move forward. A HOLISTIC approach: Addressing and improving ALL important areas of your life, from relationships, finances, career, all the way to your mental, emotional physical wellbeing.
Cultivate Powerful Practices

Develop transformative tools for self-inquiry and growth.

Reclaim Your Power

Stop giving away your power to external factors and substances.

Embrace Self-Responsibility

Take control of your life and patterns through self-awareness.

Discern Alignment and Resistance

Nurture intuition to distinguish between growth and resistance.

Declare True Sovereignty

Break free from societal conditioning and external influences.

Embark on a journey of inner exploration and empowerment. Gain the tools to liberate yourself from dependence on others, step into true self-responsibility, and harness the power of discernment. Your path to self-mastery begins now.
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